For two generations we take have exclusively taken care of special materials for welding. The Soder brand, exclusive all over the world, guarantees easily used, technically advanced and certified at the source products.


Soderwelding puts its experience at your disposal for the execution of welding at the maximum technical objective. Such level is attained thanks to our ability to harmonize the attitudes and the experience of our welders with those of our experts in metallurgy. Soderwelding offers its experience in techniques and appraisals for any consulting needs in relationships between customer and welder.

With our technical and human resources we are, surely ahead in timing and therefore able to lead the customer through the right technical and economic appraisals needed when it is time to replace the usual welding systems with new laser procedures.

Special materials for welding dedicated to the automobile production: from the prototypes and chassis up to the last welding phase carried out in the auto body assembly phase.

For information:

The Soder brand products resolve any welding problem. Our catalogue is available to you. For advice on choosing the products, please contact our experts.

Low-carbon steels and low legacies

Cast iron

ElectrodesWelding wiresRods

ElectrodesWelding wiresRods

Refractory and alloy steels


ElectrodesWelding wiresRods

ElectrodesWelding wiresRods


Copper and bronze

ElectrodesWelding wiresRods

ElectrodesWelding wiresRods

Reproductions and recharges

Cobalt alloys

ElectrodesWelding wiresRods

All systems

Our experience has led us to identify four basic requirements in the selection of our products:

Easy weldability:  our objective is to help the welder in the execution of an aesthetic and fast job, allowing the use of our materials even when high technology welders are not available.
Constant production: we personally estimate the particular attitudes of every manufacturing company, in order to always guarantee in our products an constant quality, both in composition and in the aesthetic shape of the end result.

Balanced chemical analysis: our products are pre-fixed to obtain a deposit aimed at the specific job, avoiding makeshift chemical compositions. The perfect knowledge of the physical characteristics obtained from the chemical analysis of the components is one of our winning strategies.

Source Certification: we qualify all of our products by their field of use, therefore guaranteeing our customers, retailers and end users.

Only when our products successfully respond to all these requirements are they qualified to enter the Soder spectrum.

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